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Under Construction. . .

15 Sep

Michael “Atters” Attree’s groundbreaking website is now under construction so please take another peek soon.

Soon to follow
Details of Atters’ “expertise” within the fields of:

Comedy Shows
Paranormal Investigation & Research
Chappism (The Chap magazine)
Satirical Writing
Acting/Performing (as Atters of course)
Burlesque Master of Ceremonies
TV/Radio Credits (guest appearances/interviews and TV documentaries).
Vintage Style
Moustaches & Hirsute matters

Plus! Details of his paranormal theatre show Atters Attree’s Chaporgasmic Terrors.

There will also be an extensive press clippings/reviews section and video/photographic gallery.

In the mean time, the curious could always take a peek at my Wikipedia “Jackanory”.