My Dandy Balls

19 Jan

Michael Atters Attree Dalek chap dandy ballSince my posts of yore The Chap returned to the Grade-2 listed splendour of the Bloomsbury Ballroom (London) for its 3rd Grand Anarcho Dandyist Ball. It was an excellent bash which seemed to have been enjoyed buy one and all – especially a crapulent and rather rude Dalek.

The apparent gatecrasher chose to dismiss Chap protocol (it was not the Dr Who convention he thought it to be) by calling guests he disliked (and they seemed legion) “C*NT!”  (while orally “exterminating” them via a Dalek voice recording). The vulgar fool maintained his balaclava masked disguise (except for his creepy eyes) until carriages at midnight. Only then did the unsavory fellow reveal himself to be non other than me… Imagine my shock!

The following years event took the theme of “Eccentricity”. I did my bit as Master of Ceremonies clad in my coveted psychedelic 60s cat suit (woven from lycra, much to the repulsion of the sartorial purists present).

Last year’s Grand Anarcho Dandyist Ball was the 5th and lamentably the last. OnesTube has a taste of my Dandy Ball compere skills (from 3:55) HERE:

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